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Our aim is to help you make your marketing count. We’re a results-based consultancy, focused on supporting you to achieve your business objectives. There are many ways to do this. Our consultancy services include:

Consultancy Services include:

Marketing Reviews

Our first task is to gain an in-depth understanding of your business goals and objectives with a marketing review. We achieve this by spending time in your organisation and meeting with key stakeholders. Prior to the review, we prepare a list of important questions and by working through these with you, the nooks and crannies of your business are uncovered.

We’ll also review any previous and existing marketing activities and results so that we can create the foundations of an effective future strategy.

Market Research

We’re often asked why a company’s current sales and marketing activity is not achieving desired results. The answer is usually right in front of your nose. But you might need to take a closer look. How well do you understand your target audience(s)?

At Harmanie Marketing, we can devise and conduct primary and secondary market research to uncover key insights. For example, we can review your competitors’ activity, uncover target audience preferences, buying motivations, job challenges, pain points, keywords searched, and many more. With this data, we’ll create target audience personas, prioritised according to strategic importance for your company, which will form the basis of your marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy & Planning

What is the purpose of your marketing strategy? It is to outline your sales and marketing objectives in line with your overall business plan. It should review the current position of your company in terms of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (known as a SWOT).

It should outline your target audience(s) and select the most appropriate channels to include inbound and outbound marketing methods, customer retention and acquisition tactics, integrated marketing campaigns, content strategy and more. Finally, it will include an action plan, a recommended budget and outline the key performance indicators (KPIs) you want to use to track and evaluate your results.

Does your business achieve all this?

If not, we can help you.

Watch your business grow with our marketing consultancy services.

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Marketing Management Services include:

Branding Creation or Refresh

As companies grow, it is important that your branding and design elements evolve in line with your overall business and marketing objectives.

Has your brand seen better days? Does it effectively identify your brand proposition?

Does it truly draw out your unique selling points and appeal to your target audience?

Whether you are a new start-up or an established company in need of refreshing your brand, Harmanie Marketing can help.

 Website Design, Build, Refresh & Reviews

It feels like websites have been around forever. That doesn’t mean we’re all experts at creating them. In today’s busy digital world, an effective website is more important than ever. Many companies build new websites without a strategy and then cannot understand why they have so few visitors. Or why it’s not appearing or increasing in search rankings or delivering sought after results such as enquiries and leads.

This can be down to many reasons. At Harmanie Marketing, we can conduct website reviews to identify problem areas and make practical and helpful recommendations.  This includes a review of the backend set-up, search engine optimization (SEO) capability, user experience, keywords used to attract your target audience, calls to action etc. We also work closely with trusted suppliers to design and build new results-focused websites to include: design and branding, site maps, copywriting services and photography.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is an inbound promotional strategy used to generate interest from your target audience. Good content marketing builds brand reputation, awareness and affinity. It is available and accessed via many methods such as organic web search, social media, download documents, email etc.

At Harmanie Marketing, we have extensive experience in this area and can devise your content marketing strategy and plan. We can then provide copywriting services to produce content for website copy, blogs, case studies, emails, newsletters, latest news and more.

Social Media Selection & Management

For many companies, having a social media presence is akin to breathing air. It’s non-negotiable. Social media platforms are one of the main starting points (along with your website) for your target audience to carry out their due diligence on your company. It goes without saying that you need a positive presence on the most appropriate channels for your target audience, populated with relevant, quality content.

At Harmanie Marketing, we can help you select the most appropriate channels suited to your target audience, provide training and on-going monthly management (on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest).

General Marketing Management

Once we’ve completed your marketing review and created your marketing strategy and action plan, we can provide on-going marketing management support. 

In addition to the services we’ve already mentioned, this might include: management of third party agencies, writing creative briefs, creating a lead generation platform and introduction of a CRM system to manage the sales process, creation and copywriting of marketing collateral, building mailing lists and execution of email marketing campaigns, budget management, attending regular meetings to discuss activity and on-going review and measurement via various reporting tools.

So, your marketing plan is in place.

But how do you know which activity is delivering results? The art of great marketing management is to continually review, learn, amend and monitor your KPIs against your objectives.


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